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Pilates Reformer - Continuing Education


Pilates Reformer - Continuing Education
Course Fee:$149.99

The Pilates Reformer - Continuing Education

A Selection of Traditional Basic and Intermediate Reformer Exercises as taught in Pilates Training Workshops 
Immediately integrate exercises from this course into your client or patient exercise programming. These exercises allow a variety of body positions, supine, prone, kneeling, sitting, and standing; and focus on strengthening of extremity and spinal muscles, core awareness, coordination, control, balance, flexibility, and concentration. Designed for Pilates Instructors, Personal Trainers, and Rehab Professionals. Course Completion Certificate awarded upon passing short exam at end of course.
Note: These exercises are also available in the Pilates Reformer Basic Course, and some are from the Pilates Reformer Intermediate Course. All exercises may be found in The Pilates Studio of Los Angeles Official International Pilates Reformer Training Manual.
Footwork Series I-IV
The Hundred
Leg Circles
Long Box I - Pulling the Straps
Long Box I - T-Pull
Short Box Series
Long Stretch Series
Stomach Massage Series
Knee Stretch Series - I, II
Pelvic Lift
Side Splits
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