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We are the only authentic world recognized "Pilates Certification Online" organization to combine knowledge and expertise with today's twenty-first century technology. Our easy to follow, comprehensive "Video - Based" courses are conveniently available 24 / 7 / 365 ONLINE... follow the leader.

Our Courses are designed for:

  • Personal Trainers who intend to seek employment opportunities at major Fitness Centers
  • Fitness Professionals who wish to attain certification with the desire to become their own boss and business owner
  • Health Care Practitioners interested in integrating Pilates exercise into treatment programming
  • Any Individual who wishes to learn Pilates exercise routines for personal satisfaction. Perfect for those who may own Pilates equipment at home or have access to equipment, and may not have access to a Certified Pilates Instructor.

With Over 1200 Graduates and Counting
And with over 50 Years of combined experience, our Pilates programming is time tested, proven and guaranteed the best classical Pilates instruction online.

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