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  • Fitness Professionals who wish to attain certification to seek employment opportunities at major fitness centers, or have the desire to become their own boss and business owner
  • Health Care Practitioners interested in integrating Pilates exercise into treatment programming
  • Pilates Instructors interested in bridging their current education with PCO programming
  • Any Individual who may wish to learn Pilates exercise routines for personal satisfaction, perfect for those who have Pilates equipment at home and may not need Pilates certification


Pilates Certification Online Education by The Pilates Studio® of Los Angeles
is the most established Pilates programming available.

The only difference between our online program and our in studio program, besides cost, is that our online students are able to
choose when and where they would like to take their classes. The end results are the same. All students must earn the required practical hours and must pass all tests in order to earn Certified Pilates Instructor status.
The Pilates Studio® of Los Angeles requires apprenticing under the direction of a Certified Pilates Instructor.

PCO offers three Pilates Certification Programs. Below you will find general information about each of our 3 programs.
For more specific certification related questions and answers, and for specific "required apprenticeship hours" breakdown,
please visit our
Frequently Asked Questions page.

Program #1
Pilates Instructor Certification
(For the individual seeking the Complete Pilates Program with Certified Instructor Certification)

Program #2
Pilates Reformer Instructor Certification
(For the individual seeking the Pilates Reformer Program with Certification)

Program #3
Pilates Mat Instructor Certification
(For the individual seeking the Pilates Mat Program with Certification)

  1. Completion of the Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced levels for Mat and all apparatus
  2. Must pass all online tests and have earned the “Course Completion Certificates”
  3. 450 hours of apprenticeship (40 hours total from PCO online courses may be applied to these 450 hours) No more than 20 hours may be observation. Minimum of 10 hours on the mat and each apparatus is required.
  4. Anatomy course, or self-study reading with study sheets completed
  5. Current CPR certification prior to submitting final documents
  1. Completion of the Reformer Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced levels
  2. Must pass all online tests and have earned the “Course Completion Certificate.”
  3. 150 hours of apprenticeship (10 hours total from PCO online courses may be applied to these 150 hours) No more than 10 hours may be observation.


  1. Completion of the Mat Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced levels
  2. Must pass all online tests and have earned the “Course Completion Certificate.”
  3. 100 hours of apprenticeship (10 hours total from PCO online courses may be applied to these 100 hours). No more than 10 hours may be observation  


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Note: (enlarged Sample Certificates are NOT actual size.True size are standard at W-11 x H-8.5.)
  • Basic Requirements:
  1. The Pilates courses available on Pilates  Certification Online Education become the first step in becoming a Certified Pilates Instructor. You must complete all levels of each course and pass online multiple choice tests. All tests are open book.
  2. The next step is to work under the direction of a Certified Pilates Instructor, the “apprenticeship.” You may choose to assist a Certified Pilates Instructor at a location of your choice, which may be close to your home, work, or school. You will be responsible for contacting the Pilates facility's owner and instructor to arrange an apprenticeship on your own. You must abide by the rules of the Pilates facility and teacher.
  3. Apprentice hours may be a combination of observation, workshops, seminars, practice teaching, private sessions, mat or reformer classes, and teaching clients on mat and all apparatus. Proof of all hours must be documented on our "Offsite Pilates Studio Verification Form.” The signature of the Certified Pilates Instructor is required, and will be verified.
  4. Upon completing all Pilates courses here at Pilates Certification Online .com, and your apprentice hours, you may submit all Pilates Course Completion Certificates, documentation of apprenticeship hours, proof of current CPR certification and anatomy study sheets (complete certification only), and specific apprenticeship site/instructor information to our corporate office by email. All required forms are conveniently available on your student profile page under your name. Click on “my documents.”
  5. Instructions will then be provided for the final DVD practical testing procedures
  • Submission Checklist:

1. All Pilates Course Completion Certificates: Mat, Reformer, Cadillac, Chairs, Barrels for complete program; Mat or Reformer only for individual certifications
2. Offsite Pilates Facility Verification Form
3. Apprentice Hourly Log Form

Proof of certification from your “Certified Pilates Instructor” should always be verified. This is your responsibility. Only apprentice hours earned under the direction of a Certified Pilates Instructor will be accepted towards certification. A copy of your Certified Pilates Instructor's “Certificate” may be requested for final confirmation.

4. Copy of current state driver’s license or passport for ID verification
5. Original Anatomy Study sheets, or proof of college level anatomy course (full certification program only)
6. Copy of CPR Certification (full certification program only)

  • When and Where to Submit Final Certification Documents

Following the completion of your certification requirements, all forms/documents must be scanned and emailed to: Info@PilatesCertificationOnline.com / Subject line: Final Certification Docs.

Final Certification documents must be complete and submitted at the same time in order to be considered for final testing (after you have fulfilled all certification requirements for your program). It is not necessary to send forms prior to beginning your program.

  • Final Testing for Pilates Certification

    Following the submission of all documents required for Pilates Certification, the student will be notified by email if their submission is complete, and accepted. At that time, if no further documentation is required, the student may make arrangements for the final practical test. The final exam will test overall competency and specific skills required for Pilates teaching. Test instructions will be emailed to the student. The exam may be scheduled for DVD submission. Final exam fee is $195. The student must be prepared to have a mock client participate in the exam.

    The Final exam will be graded and each student will receive exam notes from the examiner. Once the final practical test is passed, student will receive a certificate, signed by Melinda Bryan, with official logo and seal. This will be mailed to the student directly from the Pilates Studio of Los Angeles. All students must earn the required practical hours and must pass all tests in order to earn certification. You may purchase the shipping and handling for your Certificate via an internet link, provided by an email invoice following the exam.
    This fee is $25 USD shipping within the US, and $35 for international.
  • (Note: Certificate "re-prints" will be billed at an additional cost of $50 per printing)
  • How to Prepare for the Final Test
  1. Know all exercises, names, repetitions, of every level, mat and each apparatus, with proper equipment set up, major muscle groups used and goals of each exercise (if mat or reformer certification, this applies to those only)
  2. Know the traditional sequences for mat and reformer programming - basic, int, adv; emphasis on transitions and flow
  3. Prepare to give verbal, manual, visual, breathing cues
  4. Prepare to modify exercises for physical disability, such as neck pain or ankle sprain, know basic contraindications for exercises, positioning, movement patterns
  5. Use proper body mechanics while teaching, and spotting techniques with your client
  6. Expect to be asked questions or given problem solving situations if not addressed in your presentation
  7. Know the traditional 4-spring Reformer, be able to modify the exercises on other apparatus that may be in a non-traditional studio (this does not apply to mat only certification)
  8. Demonstrate a dynamic rapport with your client, with clear, simple instructions and corrections as appropriate, with specific attention to safety

    Use The Pilates Studio of Los Angeles Official Training Manuals for exercise review

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