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"I have always wanted to get my Pilates Certification but never had the time.  I lost my job working for the state as a special Ed teacher after 15 years.  I heard about PCO from a yoga instructor who is taking the online courses here. I bought the manuals and signed up, and I’m on my final course now.  I have already started assisting the Pilates Instructors at my gym as an apprentice Pilates instructor, and have secured a job upon certification.  All I can say is Thank you! And.... would love more Melinda Bryan books, more Pilates music too!"
- Caresa J

"At first I was worried I would not be able to learn Pilates online.  I have tried other online programs and wasn’t happy.  Since the mat basic course was so inexpensive I decided, why not?  Well I bought it and was impressed. I am now on my last Pilates course and I am amazed that after only two months, I know more Pilates than the person I use to take Pilates from, who was certified by a different program.  PilatesCertificationOnline offers the most professional classical Pilates certification program online. 100 percent authentic." 
- Susan S.

"I am a person that travels a lot and I really do not need Pilates certification, but I need to stay fit.  Originally my wife signed me up for the Pilates mat courses here on PCO. I loved it so much we decided to purchase a reformer for home and now my wife and I are taking the Reformer course together.  This site is perfect for us and I just wanted to let everyone know that it is the most efficient, easy to follow, and best online learning experience we have discovered.  We are actually excited about working out at home together.  Thank you PCO!"
- The Johnson’s  

"I live in Stockholm, Sweden and have been taking Pilates lessons from Marja, a lady who moved from the US about 5 years ago.  She received her certification from The Pilates Studio in California about 8 years ago.  She is totally booked all the time and cannot handle all the business.  I have always wanted to learn to teach Pilates, but there was no way I was going to be able to afford taking time off to travel to the US.  The airfare, the hotel stay, and then the cost of taking the Pilates workshop would have cost over 8000 euros.

When I learned that The Pilates Studio of Los Angeles created this online program, I could not believe it.  For less than 2000 euros, I could get proper Pilates certification? I signed up the same day and have already completed all 5 courses online. I am accumulating my required 600 hours with Marja now and we now plan to open a satellite Pilates center near my home in the next few months. THANK YOU PilatesCertificationOnline and Master Teacher Trainer Melinda Bryan too... Your Pilates manuals, your online program and YOU are awesome! You have given me a new life!"
- Tindra Isaksson

I am live in Japan. Thank you for this program for real Pilates. I am living too far to travel to the United States, and this is what good works for me. 私の親友と私はあなたのピラティスオンラインコースを取っている、非常に多くのことが大好きです。ありがとうございます!
- Hanako

"I almost paid $10,000 for a course in Boulder, Colorado, which would have been a huge mistake.  Not only were they asking for a $10,000 commitment up front, but also they expected me to fly in and take their course once a year for 3 years.  After doing my research, I found out The Pilates Studio of NY and LA were the first people who started it all.  And they were only asking $3500 - $4500 at the time.  So I went with their program and could not be happier.  That was 7 years ago. I now own and operate 2 fully booked Pilates gyms in Florida, and need good properly trained instructors. When I heard The Pilates Studio of LA created PilatesCertificationOnline I could not wait to tell people about it. I have already referred 4 apprentices who I plan to employee as soon as they complete the 5 courses and are ready to begin their apprenticeship.  If you are planning on learning Pilates, real Pilates, go with PilatesCertificationOnline, or do as I did. Get it straight from the source. The Pilates Studio is proven and established."
- Steve M.

"Be wiser than me... Sadly I made the mistake and signed up for another Pilates certification program without doing full research.  This company is a PMA certified company so I stupidly “assumed” this meant they were “true” Pilates.  I got my “certificate” and was told to go and get PMA certified. I got that too. Then I found out the real story.  After paying my hard earned money I found out too late.  There is a huge difference between “Authentic Pilates” and “Pilates Based” techniques.  My “Pilates Certificate” from this other high profiled “Pilates Based” company and the PMA certification means nothing in the real Pilates world. I just wasted money. I got jobs but not with the companies I really wanted to work with which was at a medical center near my home.  It was not until after starting all over and getting my Certification from this online program by The Pilates Studio of Los Angeles, that I was able to secure a real job working at a sports medicine center in their physical therapy department. I now work for a popular doctor and make $120,00 per year working at the medical center, and now teaching my own private clients. PCO rules!"
- P. Campbell

"If I really tell you what I feel about the PMA, I am sure my comments will not be posted. So let me be diplomatic by saying, spend your money wisely. As a former PMA certified Pilates Instructor I know. The PMA is not a serious “Pilates” organization. The do not offer Pilates certification, but yet they issue PMA certificates which anyone can get after taking a written standard written test made up by a bunch of Pilates based fitness instructors from many different beliefs. I found in the end my certification with the PMA means nothing.  Do your research PilatesCertificationOnline and Master Teacher Trainer Melinda Bryan is the real deal."
- Farah Florida

"A lot of people say certified by “The Pilates Studio” but if you look carefully you will discover they are not always related to real “The Pilates Studio” at all. Best advise is to ask to see a copy of your instructors certificate and then verify it is real.  I took a weekend “Mat Certification” class for $450, and at the end on the second day I was given “mat certification.”  I was told it was offered by “The Pilates Studio” and thought it was the real deal.  It was not... On my certificate it stated, “certified by Txxxxxx  Pilates.”  I contacted the Pilates Studio of LA and all said and done, I learned this person was NOT associated with “The Pilates Studio” in anyway. So I got my money back. Now I am getting real Pilates education here online from PilatesCertificationOnline."
- Tamila

"Pilates Certification Online has changed my life.  I had been teaching “Pilates” for over 3 years after taking a Pilates course from a different company that offers “new and improved “contemporary Pilates based programming.” I never felt comfortable or sure of what I was teaching to my clients, and as a result I could never retain a fully booked scheduled. Not even after 3 years. First I bought The Pilates Training Manuals by Melinda Bryan, and was blown away.  I was so impressed with the manuals, and when I learned the online videos were integrated with the books, I was sold. For the first time I feel I can say I am a Pilates instructor.  I am going to complete the course with PilatesCertificationOnliine.com, and get The Pilates Studio Certification. Thanks for everything. (When are the chairs and barrels manuals coming?)"
- Michael K.

"I got what I thought was Pilates certification from woman who told me she was certified to offer Pilates certification from the Pilates Method Alliance.  I did my research and discovered all she did was take a standard written test by the PMA and was not Pilates certified but only certified in Yoga. This is when I learned the PMA is nothing more than a company offering Pilates certificates to anyone willing to take a written test. This is not right. After all the time and money I have spent my certification by this “yogalates PMA certified” woman is worth nothing.  Now I am getting true Pilates from this The Pilates Studio online program. My advice, go with an established institution like The Pilates Studio and not an individual for Pilates certification. And yes Melinda, when can we expect the chairs and barrels? lol..."
- Karen Roberts

"I put into Pilates teacher training, I learned the girl that offered my program was certified in Yoga, not Pilates, and was not related to The Pilates Studio of NY or LA, in any way. My point...Be smart If you are not going to learn from The Pilates Studio or PCO. You better make sure your Pilates instructor is really certified.  There is a huge difference in learning Pilates from an individual with 5 years experience or 10 years experience.  The Pilates Studio has been doing this for many years. This is why I am getting my certification from here at PCO."
- Alina Bachmeir

"Jeg elsker dette nettstedet og din bedrift. Takk for at du virkelig Pilates for meg her hele veien i Oslo, Norge. Jeg elsker deg bøker, og jeg elsker Pilates Music også. Vennligst gjøre mer."
- Caitlin H 

"Here is how I did my research.  I looked for a Pilates certification program based on experience, Pilates authenticity, credentials, and cost. I did not even waste my time considering “Pilates- based” organizations. I found only 3 real Pilates programs that have a proven reputation, with 20 years of experience.  The Pilates Studio in Los Angeles, New York and Romana’s Pilates.  Romana is difficult to get to, and tends to move around too much for most. 

The Pilates Studio is the only organization that I found with 20 years of consistent experience. More important to me, a first generation instructor created this program, hand picked by Joe Pilates, and by 2 experienced physical therapists, Sean Gallagher and Melinda Bryan. Most people may not know this but I discovered that Melinda Bryan arranged and had this program reviewed by well known orthopedic surgeons in California, such as Kerlan-Jobe Orthopaedic and Santa Monica Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Group, before being offered to the public way back in 1992.

All the other programs I found were created by glorified ‘fitness instructors,” without real credentials. I found this program was different because it was consistent.  The same today as it was from day one 20 years ago.  One voice one message. This program was created by an institution not an individual.  Not only is this program consistent, but priced best too. Individuals with less experience, medically speaking, and sometimes cost as high as $10,000, offer the newer programs. The choice for me was easy. I am thrilled I can get this high quality Pilates online, from the people who set the standard. The Pilates Studio and Melinda Bryan leads, and everyone else follows..."
- McHale

"Hey everyone!  PilatesCertificationOnline.com really is the best online program for becoming a Pilates Certified Teacher.  Wiat... It is the ONLY authentic online Plates program! With the economy the way it is, and with all of the research I have done, PCO has the most affordable courses, and they’re soooooo convenient!"
- Janette Tuscan

"I am a fitness trainer. Where I live has no real Pilates.... but when I registered for online courses, I was able to start my own classes.  I live in Finland, and I have now my business.  Because of PilatesCertificationOnline.com my town knows about classical Pilates.  It has really become big here, and I thank PCO for helping me learn as a great Pilates teacher!"
- Nade H.

"Thank you so much for making my Pilates learning fun and easy!  I love PCO Pilates!"
- Samantha Q. 

"I live way up in the mountains, away from a lot of people.  I love being alone and free to do what I want.  This past year I spent most of my time preparing for an annual hiking competition. Wanted to do private training, but that is too expensive and inconvenient to work with the one and only fitness trainer in town.  I found PCO and the rest is history. I don’t need certification, so I just utilize the site as my own personal private Pilates gym. Love it. Thank you Melinda Bryan and PilatesCertificationOnline!"
- Conroy W.