Authentic Pilates Certification Seal




“ C E R T I F I E D   A U T H E N T I C   P I L A T E S ”

The Pilates Studio® of Los Angeles, Since 1992
Recognized as the worlds first and most established, professional,
Authentic Pilates Certifying Organization


Official International Pilates Seal Of Authenticity


Look for this Seal when seeking Authentic Pilates Certification and Instruction.

This is the current and ONLY Official Pilates Studio of Los Angeles Seal, used to identify students certified by

Pilates Studio of Los Angeles and

and is used to identify other established Pilates organizations, or Pilates schools and individuals, offering authentic Pilates.

If you do not see this seal clearly posted on the website of Pilates Individuals, Pilates Centers and Organizations,

Pilates programming offered may be "Pilates Based," and not “Authentic Pilates.”

This Seal is Intended for use by Written Permission Only.


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